A frequent question we are asked is whether we offer rentals and not just tours.  We do not offer just rentals primarily for safety reasons.  Your guide is there to make your trip more enjoyable, and much like a flight attendant they are primarily there for your safety.  If you'd like to just kick back, relax your guide will hang back and let you paddle your own adventure.  They'll make sure able to navigate your way back to where you started and make sure you follow proper boating protocol like staying out of speed zones.

We require that life jackets be worn at all times while on a tour.  Even experienced paddlers can flip over, and it is just smart boating to be prepared and wear a life jacket at all times.

Tours will be cancelled when there are thunderstorms, and if we are out paddling and an unexpected storm quickly materializes we would get off the water and take cover until it passes and make arrangements to get picked up if necessary.

We do paddle in the rain, and with appropriate clothing it can actually be a very enjoyable time to paddle as the lakes are usually free of most other boaters.